Friday, December 02, 2011


Hey Everyone!

Cape Town, South Africa.  It isn't too often one gets the chance to travel half way across the world, crossing over the Atlantic Ocean, to play the sport they love with some (and against some) of their best friends.  Since qualifying for the World Championships in Bogota, Columbia last summer (2010), I have been waiting eagerly for right now, December 2011.  I can't believe that it is finally here.  Here I am, en route from Johannesburg to Cape Town, on my fifth and final flight of the day.  After twenty-three hours of traveling, I have no clue what the time is, what time zone I am in, or what the date is for that matter.  All I know is that I can't wait to finally be on the ground and begin the trip of a lifetime.

Here's an overview of what has happened today: I started my morning off in Mountain View, CA.  I drove to San Francisco, flew to Denver, flew to Washington DC, flew to Dakar, Sengal, flew to Johannesburg, South Africa and finally flew to Cape Town...In short, it has been a pretty long day.


We've just arrived in Cape Town and this trip has already been quite eventful.  One of my bags didn't make it all the way here.  As always, I was told to put my uniforms and gloves in my carry on luggage.  For once, I actually listened!!! (thank goodness)...! My ball bag ended up here in Cape Town while my other bag (full of clothes) could be in any one of four different cities/countries.  The bags are supposed to come in tonight, but who knows when they will actually arrive.  All that I can say is "c'est la vie" and enjoy the fact I am actually in SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

Internet is quite a hassle here.  It costs 40 rand (7 USD) for thirty minutes on the Internet...our team is pretty frustrated.  With everyone's online classes, finals, homework and most importantly: Twitter, Facebook, email and so forth...thirty minutes feels more like thirty seconds.

Who knows the next time I will be able to get online.  I am already getting the warning message that I only have 3 minutes left online...Sorry this blog was so choppy, I was trying to include pieces from the past three days...and I couldn't even describe how beautiful it is here, hopefully I will get some pictures up soon :).  My laptop says it is 12:31AM when it is actually 10:31AM so the time change is brutal to say the least.  I can't thank all of you enough for following me through all of my trips and experiences.  Your positive feedback means so much to me.  Thank you guys so much! Hopefully I'll talk to you all soon!



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